Meet CEO - Amber Renee.

Amber Renee is a freelance Makeup Artist from Philadelphia, PA, with almost a decade in the beauty industry. She now resides in Atlanta, GA to pursue her career even further!

   Being self-taught, she had to work even harder to reach her goals, as no schooling would be enough to influence what she was already born with; her gift of the Arts! She has had the opportunity of working with various music artists, photographers, and elite moguls varying from state to state. 

   Easily inspired and outdoorsy, Amber finds satisfaction and motivation in the little things; such as taking a hike, visiting an Art Museum, or sitting by a lake. Art comes in many forms; so, when you take a second to delve in minimalism (the appreciation of space) you notice all of the things around you!

   Amber's techniques vary from the simple, yet glamorous, natural looks, to light dramatic, to full on GLAM! But they don't stop there! She is also a self-taught Special Effects Artist! As a child, Amber was always fascinated in all-things scary, gory, suspenseful, and just plain... weird. Movies and tv shows that others were terrified to watch, Amber was front row seat.. Some of her favorite movies and tv shows include SAW, American Mary, The Adaams Family, The Human Centipede, The Walking Dead and more! Amber's interests in these things have inspired her to open a new door and further her brand in SFX Arts.

   Amber has been awarded an abundance of awards, certificates and recognition for her artistry. 

   Taking her brand to another level, Amber has launched the premier of her 100% Luxury Mink Eyelash line! Amber has always been an eyelash "connoisseur", so when it came to starting her own company, she promised herself that she wouldn't provide her customers anything less than LUXURY and QUALITY.

   Amber loves the opportunity to learn and use her natural creative gifts to share with the world. She also enjoys Glamming up brides on their special wedding days and teaching 1-on-1 Makeup Lessons! Don't miss out! Book today!